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NEREA voted "best buy" in Manta - Ecuador

I am so excited about the NEREA CONDO because the construction is now on the 5th floor and they will soon be building my apartment on the 7th soon. Thats right, NEREA was such a good value that I bought one myself, Apt. S7A. It is a three bedroom with great views of the Pacific Ocean. The kitchen, living room and master bedroom all look out at the ocean. Like everyone else who buys here, my apartment also looks over the great city of Manta from the rear balcony.

To make things even better, NEREA is priced thousands less than other condos in the area. These are not only a Consumers "BEST BUY", they are one of the best built and most beautiful on the entire coast. Constructed by architect, Jose Atiaga, who graduated from the Univ. of Arizona and attained his Masters degree while there. Jose has a unique sense of space that is more aligned with North American values than other architects in Ecuador.  
I paid cash for a 10% discount. That discount has come to an end. However if you purchase a condo through my company, Ecuadorean Coastal Properties, you can still get in on a 10% discount. That offer also has a limited timeframe so contact us fast at one of my contact numbers below.

Richard Parker
Contact info:
In Ecuador 080815951
Fr. USA 011-593-80815951
MagicJack#             804 859 1916      
Manta, Ecuador

Where, What, Who??

The Site
Manta, due to its strategic location differs from any other city on the coast of Ecuador. We not only have the warmest and dryest weather on the coast but we also reap the benefits of being on high ground protecting us from possible "high tide"dangers. 

The "Gold Coast" which surrounds Manta provides a dynamic and varied environment. Within the boundries of our "Beach City" lies all the infrastructure one finds anywhere in the world. Great road systems supporting our bus and car transportation systems, an International Airport, high speed internet, satalite tv, hospitals, medical clinics and much more. Already the fastest growing city in Ecuador, Manta enjoys the highest tourism traffic on the coast. Doubled with the existing construction projects and the largest tuna exporting city in the world, Manta seems on the verge of rapid growth. Slated to double in the next 20 years, Manta still has many beaches within 20 minutes North or South to enjoy as well. Also a tropicle rain forrest lies just south of Manta giving us a climate filled with tropical animals such as monkeys, parrots, hummingbirds and many more.


NEREA stands on the west side of Manta - via Barbasquillo where the greatest growth and development of the city is underway. With an immediate connection to downtown and the scenic boardwalk views, NEREA enjoys the best of Manta with a short walk to shopping and grocery stores while also being in a very quiet section of town..New high end resturants abound here in the city that never sleeps.

Building Features

Two elevators for eight people. 
-Elegant lobby and waiting room. 
-Integral Security, CCTV and card access 
-Motion sensors in parking areas, circulation and found on 
each floor. 
-Broadband Internet. 
-More than 700m2 of excellent recreational areas between 
patios, terrace, large swimming pool with Jacuzzi and sauna. 
-Communal laundry room on ground floor co-owners. 
-Exceptional finish. 
-Contemporary design lines.

The Suites
"Nerea" consists of thirty-two apartments, divided into one, two and three bedrooms.


-All suites and apartments have private terrace and ocean view.

+Conceptual Images

Information and Sales:

Richard Parker                 (593) 8 0815 951   
Franklin Heredia G.           (593) 8 5251 641   

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